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Brick City Solitaire

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Welcome to Brick City! Lets play cards! Play the classic card game, "Solitaire" (also known as Klondike) in BRICK CITY!

Tired of playing Solitaire on the same old boring green table? We thought so! This app is for you!

-3 card draw and 1 card draw supported! You are able to run both a 3 card game and a 1 card game without losing your progress in the other game.

-Game Timer! See how long it takes for you to win a game of Solitaire by watching the game timer!

-Standard Solitaire scoring system!

-Game Center leaderboards and achievements! Leaderboard types include "Highest Scores" leaderboard, "Number of Games Won" leaderboard, and "Fastest Times for Games Won" leaderboard! Think youre the best at Solitaire? Time to prove it!

-Compare your scores with players on iOS via Game Center!

What are you waiting for? Get Brick City Solitaire now!